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Middle Spring (named for its location between Big Spring and Rocky Spring) has been the site of Presbyterian preaching since at least 1736. The Middle Spring Presbyterian Church was formally established in 1738 by a group of Scots-Irish immigrant families who settled in the region in the 1730s.


There have been four church buildings in Middle Spring's history: the first log church, built in 1738; the second log church, erected during the 1760's; the Old Stone Church, completed in 1781 and demolished in 1847 owing to a structural defect; and the present church which was completed and dedicated in 1847. A Christian Education building was added to the church building in 1964.


A number of monuments grace the church grounds. The first of these was the Pastors' Monument, originally erected to honor Dr. John Moody, who served the Middle Spring congregation for 50 years and eight months. The names of subsequent deceased Middle Spring pastors have also been added to the monument. Shortly after the Civil War's conclusion the Civil War Monument was dedicated to commemorate the twelve men from the Middle Spring area who died during that conflict. The Soldier's Monument (dedicated in 1905) and Tablet (dedicated in 1910) honor the men from the Middle Spring area who served in the French and Indian, the Revolutionary, the 1812 and the Mexican Wars.


Having celebrated its 275 anniversary in 2013, the congregation of the Middle Spring Presbyterian Church is aware of its distinguished heritage, and as its members look toward the future they can hope that "we may our ends by our beginnings know" (John Denham). We carry on this notable legacy of our spiritual forebearers as we too come together to seek and know God both as indviduals and as a community of believers.


Middle Spring possesses four cemeteries: the Lower Cemetery, the Upper Cemetery, the Modern Cemetery and Hanna's Cemetery (located outside of Newburg). Entombments date back to 1738, and thanks to the efforts of church members and historians, the grounds and records are well-preserved. Click here to view a PDF copy of the cemetery records. If you seek additional genealogical information, please use our Contact form to connect with our church historian, Dr. Paul Gill.

In addition to the cemeteries, Middle Spring has a Memorial Garden for spreading of ashes. For more information about the Memorial Garden, you may use the Cemetery Contact form to reach our Cemetery Association chairman, Fred Nordai.

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